Sunday, 7 August 2011

Zines For Sale

To buy any (or all!) of these zines, add up the prices and paypal that amount of cash to zisforzine at hotmail dot co dot uk, along with a note telling me which ones you're buying. Zine prices include shipping within the UK. If you're outside the UK please email me first so I can calculate shipping costs.

xyz #1: Intro to Genderqueer
24 pages inc. cover, A5, £1

The very first issue of xyz! Slightly more picture-heavy and possibly easier to read than later issues, this one includes articles about etymology, ways to talk about gender, hormone alteration, and gender identity in the 18th century. Click to read a review.

xyz #2: Kids and Babies Issue
24 pages inc. cover, A5, £1

Written just after I'd started working at a play scheme, this is all about gender in childhood. It includes articles on Mermaids, the gendering of play, -aternity leave, and Disney villains. Click to read a review.

xyz #3: Femme
28 pages inc. cover, A5, £1

As you can probably guess from the title, this issue is about femme as a presentation and a gender identity. In it I talk about the ways femme has been maligned in society, the colour pink and what it means, make up, queer politics and how the medical establishment pathologises femme.


  1. bahaha i want #3. i guess i should give you some money. <3

    btw we all miss you like cuhrahzy.

  2. p.s. please stay safe <3