Thursday, 10 November 2011

SE London Zine Fest

Whoops. Looking at this blog it seems that I haven't updated since August. (This is partially because my poor elderly notepad broke and I've had to make do with stealing other people's internet machines when I can.) Anyway, I've published three more zines since the last post and will update properly soon, but today's is just a quickie.

I'm going to be at the SE London Zine Fest on Saturday. I'll have blond hair rather than pink but you should definitely still come over and say hello.


  1. Try to get up with me hun? Changing address. Mwah.

  2. Stilll trying to get up with your crazy ass

  3. Miss Cleveland Crackhead reaches five years!

    Each year at this time I feature a working girl of one of the many such Avenues in our fare city. This years entry is twenty year old Sarah. Surprised that I wished to take her picture for the twenty dollars she asked. But for me, quite the bargain for a model.

    I've never been of the mindset, that Art is a thing of beauty. Rather, it should throw light on issues that matter. And yes, for those of you with whom my name resonates, I am the artist who at fifteen created the tie-dyed Peace symbol.

    Check me out on either LinkedIn or DeviantArt. In Cleveland, I leave my work throughout the city, free for the taking, as found art. Perhaps this is why the was Louvre recently quoted; calling me the "Artworld's Robin Hood".

    Marc Breed
    America's fetish Photographer